About Us

About Us

ZIPYNOW provides technology to local retailers in order for them to grow their business. Our technology and services give your business the ability to easily increase revenue and offer online ordering for Delivery or Self Pick UP in a seamless and easy to use platform.

About Us

Our Mission

At ZipyNow, we aim to be the secret ingredient of your stores’ sales and marketing success story. Our mission is simply to help independent and small-chain retailers grow and compete in an ever more competitive market as effectively as possible.

As well as having a state-of-the-art online ordering software product, we are an in-depth strategic consulting and digital marketing company designed for local retailers. Moreover, what makes us unique in the online ordering and delivery market is simple. Unlike other deliver apps which only really care about their bottom line, we care about yours

As far as we at ZipyNow is concerned, the secret sauce of our success will be the commitment to helping you grow and retain more of your hard-earned revenue.

With a 100% focus on your profitability, we combine our unique AI-powered ordering software with the digital marketing wizardry you need to stay ahead of your competitors.

Using our rordering software and creative digital marketing know-how, we help you future-proof your business. More importantly, we make sure that you don’t break the bank in the process.

Why Us?

At ZipyNow, we promise to always do everything we can to help you attract new customers, drive more repeat business, and boost your restaurant revenues. What we won’t do is charge the same high fees or commissions you are probably used to. This being the case, ZipyNow represents the only digital marketing tool designed for local retailers, which guarantees to put your profits first no matter what.

We Help Increase Sales From Your Local Customers

The retail industry has changed drastically over the past couple years. Consumers have changed there shopping habits and now perform over 70% of purchases online, Major Big Box Retailers, Large Liquor Chains, Online Only Retailers all offer the convivence of direct online ordering and deliver withing day or hours.

The best delivery apps on the market all promise to provide seamless ordering experiences to consumers. However, this often comes at the expense of high commissions on orders and reduced business autonomy.

To give you more options, and the ability to serv your customer needs,  ZipyNow charges a very low commission on orders processed by our platform and it is even possible to get started using ZipyNow completely free of charge.

ZipyNow has been created for local retailers to help you compete and thrive in this new on demand economy. Start working with us and let us help you increase sales, lower marketing costs, and become a bigger hit among customers in your area in the process

About Us

Our Team:

ZipyNow is a dedicated team of professionals with varied backgrounds as Restaurateurs, Sales and Marketing Professionals, Developers and Designers. We are dedicated to our core mission of being a true partner and helping our clients grow in the new on demand digital economy.

Stan Liachev


Nick Protsenko

General Manager

Oleh Zulinskyi


Mateus Novais

Project Specialist